Indra’s Jewels

Published Date: April 3, 2014

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12 x 12


Who is Indra? Indra, the God associated with the motionless, timeless axle of the universe had a net hung that stretched infinitely in all directions. At each vortex was placed a single multi faceted jewel. Each jewel reflected every other jewel. The net signifies everything and every idea that exists to remind us we are all part of an interconnectedness.


Indra’s Jewels are unique patterns originating from vintage Las Vegas signage. Stanford spent five years working on contemplative process to create patterns of shapes color, brilliantly illustrating the perfect metaphor for this series “Indra’s Jewels”


Photomontages by James Stanford, Preface by Jan Olandese, Poetry by D.B. Holland, Edited by Phyllis Needham and Book Design by Milo Duffin.


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